I have suffered from sinus headaches for years. Someone suggested going to acupuncture and I am amazed at how much it helps. Dr. Doshi is amazing. She talks to you about how you are feeling and explains to you why she is putting the needles in particular places. She is very friendly and always has a smile on her face.

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I would highly recommend Dr. Doshi!!

Accupuncture with Dr. Doshi has helped me able to relax and increase my
energy levels. It even helped with some allergy sinus congestion. She
worked on the areas related sinus and a few hours after treatment I
could breathe easier with less congestion. I would highly recommend Dr.

-Paul W

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Back and Knee Pain

After I injured my knee and back, I had weeks of physical therapy but was left with severe sciatic nerve pain that made walking very painful. With just a few acupuncture treatments, my pain started to subside. Dr. Doshi was wonderful at finding just the right spots to get the best results. Thanks to Dr. Doshi, I can now walk

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Digestive Issues

“I have been experiencing digestive issues for going on 4 years now. I have had symptoms that have been debilitating. I am getting ready to go to my fourth treatment with Dr. Doshi. I am feeling and seeing some changes that I have been hoping and praying for. I have been able to sleep in a bed over the past

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