Nerve pain after surgery

Recently I fractured my spine L4 and after the repair surgery I was
still having nerve pain. Dr. Doshi was able stop my nerve pain with only
a few weekly acupuncture treatments. She is knowledgeable , professional
and friendly. I highly recommend her.


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Relaxing and healing

I really enjoy going to acupuncture, it’s very relaxing and healing. I will recommend this clinic to anyone. The staff is very nice and the rooms are very relaxing.

Carlos R

Degenerative Disc Disease

“As a long time sufferer of intense back pain – degenerative disc disease – I cannot express more gratitude for the change that acupuncture has given me. I used to have the nerves burned at the VA hospital in Chicago; a procedure that brought some relief but was not consistent in duration. After five trips to Munster Medical for acupuncture

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5 / 5 stars
“I am a new patient to Dr Doshi and I recommended her after my first visit!! She is very knowledgeable and understanding. You can tell she really cares for her patients and wants to help them. I am going to her for my anxiety issues as well as the all around benefits of acupuncture and... Read more »